Say 'Cheese' and Chat...

Everyone has a camera these days because everyone has a phone. Even my Dad has started taking Selfies on his iPhone 5 ( I have an iPhone 4S!) 

Anyway, paternal phone envy aside, it got me thinking... This business of shoving a camera in someones face (headshots) to try and get that shot is rather bizarre. The first 50 or so shots of any session are useless, but that is not to say they don't serve a purpose - they allow the subject to get used to having a camera shoved in their face. The waves of understandable self consciousness that roll in as soon as soon as I bring the camera to my eye becomes less and less as the session progresses. By shot 300 the camera doesn't even exist anymore, the subject is looking at me and I am looking at the subject... With the occasional 'click' of the shutter.

There is however one key ingredient to this thesis, without which the whole thing would fall apart... Chat. Your Chat, My Chat, Our Chat. Thankfully actors are a chatty bunch and so this usually flows, but I have a great fear of one day photographing an actor who doesn't talk. It would be weird and the images would be awful!

So bring your different tops, your lotions and potions, but most importantly... Bring your chat!