You gotta spend money to make money...

The next time you're at Spotlight HQ have a look at the Spotlight photo book. As you probably know the book contains the headshot of every performer in Spotlight. What you probably don't know is that thousands upon thousands of these headshots are awful. Truly awful.

This may seem odd and odd it is. Your Spotlight picture is the first thing that a casting director/director/producer will see, before glancing down at your credits and maybe checking out your showreel. What kind of impression do you want to make? If your headshot has been taken by a mate whose 'into photography and spent some time in the darkroom at uni' The casting director will think... 'This actor hasn't been professional enough to get a professional headshot, shall I get them in?

I'll let you answer that. 

Being an actor isn't cheap, but if you give the impression of being cheap then you're already losing the battle. Headshots range wildly in price, and although you don't need to spend £600 but you do need to spend something -  so that when a potential employer sees your headshot, you give the best first impression you can.

So many things are beyond an actors control, getting a great headshot shouldn't be one of them.