The debate doth rage...

The last person to have a B&W headshot in the US was Humphrey Bogart; are we seeing the end of the classic B&W 10x8, as colour bleeds its way across the Atlantic?

Hmm... sort of. There is no doubt that colour headshots are getting more popular amongst British actors. When I left drama school, having a colour headshot as your main Spotlight picture was considered very maverick indeed, perhaps even risky. So what's changed? The American influence is undoubtedly a factor - there is more American TV on our screens than ever before and most of those American actors will be rocking a colour pic. Often very striking and a touch too re-touched, they perhaps lack that classic feel of the B&W 10x8.

Another reason why us Brits are turning up the colour is because a lot of American TV shows have Brits playing lead roles and they've got to play the game with the studios and the game is colour.

The majority of the actors I photograph will choose a B&W as their main picture, but the best headshot I've done is in colour. There is no right or wrong, just like acting; it's all about instincts, go with what you feel. However, with the unfortunate proliferation of commercial castings, whatever you choose, make sure you have at least one colour headshot in the locker.