Mercury Falling...

It's futile to complain about the onset of winter, we had the best summer for years and now it's time for penance - it's here, deal with it, think about how nice a pair of thick socks feel? The alternative - become a hedgehog and hibernate. 

I'm embracing winter, a sort of chilly hug.

When it comes to headshots, winter presents its own problems, namely; weather and light (or lack of.)  Only the most willing subject and hardiest photographer would venture out in winter's worst - so what's the alternative to that beautifully balanced and diffused (there are always some clouds around!) natural light?

My alternative is actually a window… Well a window and friends. 

Windows naturally diffuse light and when their fitted with a slatted, Venetian style blind you can actually get an incredible amount of control. You can direct light and you can control the amount of light entering the room, an aperture if you will. Used in conjunction with daylight balanced lamps you can still achieve that natural looking headshot - and not a red nose in sight.