Many headshot photographers would have you believe that getting the perfect shot is like alchemy. In truth, it’s about getting something that shows who you are, and who you could be. Natural, striking, clean... you can throw as many adjectives at it as you want. Let’s say ‘You, at your best, on a good day.’

I prefer to shoot outdoors and I believe I have one of the best locations. When the weather prevents it, I create an outdoor lighting state indoors, although sadly you won’t see any squirrels here.

I don’t put a time limit on the session - we shoot until you're happy or until it gets dark. We’ll start by having a cup of tea and some biscuits, and looking through your current and old headshots. This is a good way to start thinking about what you want from your new ones. Then we’ll starting shooting, which involves a lot of chatting and hopefully some laughter. It usually takes around 3 hours.

Within a day or two I’ll email you links to your own personal online galleries. Then it’s up to you to find the images that show ‘You, at your best, on a good day.’ I suggest getting a long list of 15-20 images together then I can send a jpeg zip-file so you can compare them side by side. The price includes four re-touched images but if you need more just say. Once you have made your selection, I will re-touch the images and then send them in high-resolution, print quality, jpeg files. 

Booking a session… Due to a string of very late cancellations I have decided to introduce a deposit system on all headshots. When we've fixed a date I will ask for £40 via BACS transfer, which will secure the session. Obviously if an audition comes up or illness strikes we can reschedule. 

What should I wear? Try to avoid any outrageous patterns and anything too busy - even spots and stripes can pull focus away from the face. I like bold, block colours, especially blues and greens. Also, remember that this is you, at your best, on a good day, so try to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Also bring a few different looks; maybe try some things out in the mirror the day beforehand.  If it’s cold and we are shooting outside I’d also suggest some warm clothing to put on in between shots. Finally, creases can be distracting so fire up that iron, if in doubt I'll fire up mine.

Should I wear make–up? Minimal is best, as it can be a bit tricky when re-touching. Also make-up is a mask and masks don’t make for good headshots. Do bring some vaseline or lip salve though, standing outside can lead to chapped lips.

How do I pay? After paying your deposit, the remaining balance can be paid via BACS before the session. You can also pay through my niffy iZettle machine on the day, but it will cost you an extra £5.

What am I actually getting for my dough? A full headshot portrait session, plus 4 re-touched, colour corrected 10x8s jpegs. Sadly, hard copy 10x8s are dying out, but if you want some to send out to casting directors etc. then I know a guy.

Colour or B&W? Always a hot topic. Colour is definitely getting more of a foothold and if you have ambitions of going Stateside then you will need a colour headshot in your arsenal. Generally, I think it depends on the image and the person, but if you’re unsure about a particular shot you can always get both.

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